Summary: Feasible to make T1000 suck less using SSD?

From: Jacob Ritorto <>
Date: Thu Oct 25 2012 - 12:39:37 EDT
        Consensus is that T1000s and other first generation Niagara
machines are crippled foremostly by their CPU featureset moreso than
by the i/o subsystem and that I really shouldn't be running this sort
of stuff on these sort of machines (which is OK because it's only
staging / POC at the moment -- I grabbed the cheapest SPARC I could
find) :\     The good news is, however, that for the database tier of
this workload, there is a likelihood of increasing performance
somewhat using an SSD instead of the desktop-grade SATA disk that came
in the machines originally.

Thanks to Roger, Jim and Ric for the insight.


> Hi all,
>         These T1000s, despite having 16GB and 8 cores, are awfully slow running Oracle Applications.  Has anyone managed to spice these up by supplanting an SSD mirror instead of the sad little PC hard drive they came with?
> Are commodity desktop SSDs OK in there?
> thx
> jake
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