Summary: How to undo what you don't know you did?

From: White, Bob (CONTR) <>
Date: Mon Dec 19 2011 - 09:12:53 EST
Hello all.

Again I want to thank all who offered suggestions, and those who could
only offer sympathy.  Both were appreciated.

I did submit a service request to Oracle, and did spend considerable time
with an e-mail exchange, and finally on the phone, but nothing we did was
able to fix the problems.  Too many files appeared to be damaged.  In the
end I had to break out the install disks and start from scratch.  It took
two tries because of course my root slice was nowhere near big enough for
three years of patches.

The system is running, and ran fine over the weekend.  So far so good.

Apparently one of the biggest problems is that the root slice did not have
enough room on it for live update to create the backup boot environment.
So when the upgrade crashed there was no fallback boot environment for me
to load and try to fix things.  When I initially set the system up I
accepted the default slices that the install program wanted.  As I have a
large drive in there, I set the slice to 50Gb.  It has lots of room to
grow now.

Again - thanks for all your suggestions and help.  This list is great.

Bob White
M/S NLV075
National Security Technologies, LLC
Contractor for the United States Department of Energy
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On 12/12/11 2:07 PM, "White, Bob (CONTR)" <> wrote:

>Well - my misery continues.  First, sorry for the delay here, but of
>course the system cratered the day before I had to leave for a week long
>conference.  Preyed on my mind the whole time.
>Anyway - thanks to all who responded.  I was able to try some things
>today, but not having much luck. A number of files appear to be corrupted.
> Garbage in driver_aliases, in name_to_major, and others.  I decided to
>bite the bullet and try a re-install.
>Got out the DVD and booted to Custom Jumpstart.  Worked through all the
>screens and decided to try to do an upgrade in the hopes I could preserve
>the user data.  Ran the analysis on the patches, and the system said it
>would not keep 140 patches.  I said okay and let it run.  Pretty much
>nothing seems to have changed.  Still get a streaming load of errors about
>driver_aliases and name_to_major, and some others.  It's like nothing was
>If no one else can think of why this should be I'll just try to full clean
>install tomorrow.
>Again, thanks to all who took time out to read and respond.
>Bob White
>M/S NLV075
>National Security Technologies, LLC
>Contractor for the United States Department of Energy
>Office: 702-295-2939
>Cell:   702-630-0352
>Pager:  702-794-1809
>Fax:    702-295-2934
>On 12/2/11 7:29 AM, "White, Bob (CONTR)" <> wrote:
>>Okay  I have Solaris 10 on a Sun Ultra 20, that was fully patched on
>>4th.  Working fine.
>>It is time for the monthly maintenance, so I went in and looked at all
>>patches that have been released in the last month.  A number of security
>>patches, and some other things.  I didn't carefully read each one.  I
>>them all with patch admin and let it install.  It came up at the end and
>>it needed to reboot.  I shut down my one application that is running on
>>box and checked the box for reboot and okay.
>>The shutdown started, but got to a blank screen and stopped.  I let it
>>sit for
>>15 minutes in case it was doing something.  I finally had to power down.
>>No the box is completely hosed.  All sorts of errors on boot up.  Can't
>>root password.  Can't load devices.  All sorts of errors.
>>I can boot to failsafe  but don't know where to go from here.  Any
>>Bob White
>>M/S NLV075
>>National Security Technologies, LLC
>>Contractor for the United States Department of Energy
>>Office: 702-295-2939
>>Cell:   702-630-0352
>>Pager:  702-794-1809
>>Fax:    702-295-2934
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