SUMMARY: problems jumpstarting an Enterprise M3000 with Solaris 10 (10/09)

From: Matt Clauson <>
Date: Fri Nov 11 2011 - 03:24:20 EST
Problem:  Enterprise M3000 hardware doesn't boot properly off of
Solaris 10 U9 (10/09?) media or via jumpstart from same media

Solution:  the bge driver in this media is old enough (v0.60) that the
bge interfaces in this server aren't recognized.  The OS that came
shipped on the system (appears to be Solaris 10 U10, 08/11) has bge
v0.64 on it.  A downloaded copy of U10 media also appears to boot
properly.  I suspect that if one downloads the current bge driver
patch from Sun^WOracle, things will work as well.

Also, thanks to Matthew Stier for pointing out that I should really
configure my DSCP network from the XSCP.

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