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Date: Thu Oct 06 2011 - 08:06:23 EDT

(I am sorry for such long delay)
Below is my question and all your answers. In general - after reading
a lot - I am going to choose puppet since it is very general solution
which can be used not only on Solaris systems.

Thank you for all your answers.



we are looking for a way to more automatically configure newly created zones.
I don't mean their IP address or so.
What I mean is to do all the tasks which are typically doned inside zone
its creation
like configure certain files in /etc, run certains commands within zone,

Do you have any idea how to achive this ?

And answers:
Todd Cox

Something like:

cp /scripts/myscript /zones/myzone/root/tmp
zlogin myzone /tmp/myscript

Then have the script do the work for you.


Felix Schattschneider

puppet? (

Jan Dreyer

we do zone-setup like machine-setup via jumpstart. All standard tasks are
done by scripts which are laying on the jumpstart server. Look for SUNWjet
for getting more infos.

Tobias Nutt

you can use a JET-Server. Its a more flexibel jumpstart-server.
Or you can write a script   :-)

Juraj Lutter

yes. it's very easy. look for dot-files in freshly configured zone's
/etc dir.

Robert Baker

I use a script to build the zone and after I run  the zonecfg and the
zoneadm -z install
I modify files using the full path name to the zone, usually:


I have variables set for the zoneroot and zonename and then call other
scripts to do post finish modifications before I do the  zoneadm -z boot

Ilhan Narli

I would create a template zone and after I finished with it ( all you
local configuration ) then sys-unconfig then I would ZFS snapshot this and
keep as a template. I would keep this copy into my NFS server and build you
new zone base on that. If new Solaris update came about then do your
template again.

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