Re: Summary: Solaris equivalent for WLM (Workload Manager) & PRM in HP-Ux & AIX

From: sunhux G <>
Date: Thu Jun 16 2011 - 10:46:37 EDT
Thanks very much, summaries follows:

They refer to them as Projects, generally.

Don't have good links to Oracle's docs - they've made it hard to pull
them up easily - but searching there should turn something up, too.



You are looking for Solaris Resource Manager (SRM).




Solaris includes resource management tools that allow you to create a
processor set and bind processes to it. Although they are often used
with Solaris Containers to create isolated environment, that's is not

I don't know about a "tool"... these things are part of the Solaris
kernel and are managed with some userland tools (see the doc below)...
it's not like there is a daemon taking care of it. AFAIK.

On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 5:08 AM, sunhux G <> wrote:
> I recall seeing one article that discussed workload manager tool that
> manages & schedule resources/jobs/processes :
> the article mentioned this QoS / resource management tool for HP-Ux is
> WLM/PRM while for AIX 5L it's WLM.  It also mentioned Solaris 9 has an
> equivalent tool bundled with it but the Solaris tool's name slipped my
> WLM = WorkLoad Manager
> PRM = Process Resource Manager
> Linux has WLM & a freeware too.
> Anyone know what's the equivalent for WLM in Solaris 10?  I'm not looking
> at "nice" or "renice" but a tool that could cap the CPU utilization for
> processes (say Oracle or Weblogic), memory & disk IO as well like what WLM
> could do.
> Sun
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