SUMMARY: adding FC host adapters to a V880 running Solaris 8.

From: Belford, Joseph A II CTR USAF ACC ACC CSS/SCOZ <>
Date: Tue Jun 07 2011 - 13:51:03 EDT
Turns out yes, I was missing something.  SAN_4.4.12_install_it.tar.Z.  I had
the SUNWsan package installed but to get these host adapters to work I had to
install this.  Thanks all for the replies.


I'm trying to add 2 2G QLogic host adapters to a V880 running Solaris 8.
Currently I have 2 1G host adapters connected to an A5000 storage array.  I
want to add another storage array, StoragTek 3510 to ultimately replace the
A5000.  My plan was to just add 2 more host adapters to the V880, cable it up
and just ufsdump/ufsrestore from the A5000 to the 3510.  Well, I can't get
server to recognize the new adapters/3510.  From the OBP, I can execute
probe-scsi-all and a link is established and I can see the 3510.  But that's
the best I can get.  After booting, I lose the link between the 2 new host
adapters and the 3510, all lights on the 2 new HBA's stay lighted and the qlc
driver is never attached.

I have the default qlc.conf.

Am I missing something?  PCI slots 0 and 1 have the 1G HBA's, PCI slots 2 and
3 have the 2G HBA's. cfgadm shows everything ok.

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