SUMMARY: NFS hanging with jumbo frames enabled

From: Ian Collins <>
Date: Mon Jun 06 2011 - 16:58:15 EDT
  On 05/ 6/11 11:24 AM, Ian Collins wrote:
>    Hello,
> We have a remote 7200 storage box connected to an x4500 over a WAN
> link.  Our service provider recommended that we use jumbo frames over
> the link.
> Since enabling jumbo frames, NFS commands (mounting, or an ls of /net/)
> hang indefinitely.  I have only seen one logged NFS error, "NFS compound
> failed for server orion: error 3 (RPC: Unable to send)".
After a lot of toing and froing it the problem was traced to the 
configuration of the third party link.  The link would only work with an 
MTU of 1500 or 8956.

Many thanks to those who replied.

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