SUMMARY: v490 vs M4000

From: joe fletcher <>
Date: Sun May 29 2011 - 05:59:55 EDT
Thanks to all the replies. There were many, especially peope offering me to
sell me either the v490 memory or the servers.

Ultimately the question has been answered by my senior management who have
decided just to buy them.
I still think I can get a better result with x86 but I won't be given the
chance now. Factoring in the support costs etc does make it seem a little less
painful, money-wise.

We've got an M3000 under test now as a proof-of-concept.

Concensus is that I should see a marked improvement, given the doubling of
clock speeds, PCI-X buses etc.
Allowing for "developer's sql" if you know what I mean, based on the replies
I'm hoping for a 40-50% kick.

I'll write up an addenda when we've got the testing completed.

Again thanks for all the replies.



From: on behalf of joe fletcher
Sent: Fri 5/20/2011 5:22 PM
Subject: v490 vs M4000


Can anyone provide me with a real-world comparison of the old v490 vs the new

We've got a choice of upgrading 4 v490s to 64Gb RAM cost approx $100K vs
buying some new M4000s, cost somewhere between $150-200K.

Searches on benchmarks indicate performance improvements on the new
architecture produce results indicating anywhere between 0 and 25%.

Based purely on clock speeds we might expect 25% but as always, clock speed
isn't that much of an indicator.

Workload is multi-tiered mixture of java and a well known database though not
one owned by Larry.
If anyone has any pointers which suggest buy new or keep the old I'd
appreciate them.

At present, service contracts etc are outside the scope of the discussion.


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