SUMMARY: Configure sendmail for Exchange 2008 - MORE INFO

From: White, Bob (CONTR) <>
Date: Fri May 20 2011 - 11:56:39 EDT
I apologize for the delay in sending this.  Been hiding out in the Nevada
desert on field work.

Anyway, the problem has been fixed.  All of the tests that people
suggested showed that both the Sun and the Exchange server were configured
correctly, and something was accepting all the e-mails.  Sal Serafino
suggested a verbose debug logging of the sendmail to see exactly what is
going on.  At first it looked like everything was indeed being accepted by
the mailhub.

Then I noticed a small error.  Sendmail was attempting to relay to
That address wasn't being found in the DNS.  When I added an entry to the
hosts file for mailhost, using the Exchange server address, all the mail
came cascading in.  Not sure why that works, or how sendmail was working
before with only mailhub defined, but there you have it.  One small change.

Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions.

On 4/22/11 7:21 AM, "White, Bob (CONTR)" <> wrote:

>Up until last month we were still running Exchange 2003.  My two Solaris
>boxes were set up to send only to a mailhub.  All was working fine.  Then
>went to 2008.  Now the mail no longer works.  Due to some other issues,
>network and IT people are real busy putting out some major fires, and
>have time to look at my minor issue.
>Is there some special option that needs to be enabled to get sendmail to
>to a 2008 server?
>Solaris 10 fully patched on a Sun Ultra 20.
>No longer works = messages go out, and disappear.  No error messages from
>sendmail.  The mail just never arrives at destination address.
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