SUMMARY(NOT): Solaris 10 iSCSI boot on T5440

From: Moodley, Sugan S <>
Date: Thu Mar 17 2011 - 02:44:18 EDT
Hi Sunmanagers,

So far no responses on my query on how to boot Solaris 10 SPARC (update 9
preferred) from an iscsi lun. The only advice was from Anthony D'Atri who
suggested I run snoop to see why my server is not booting which I can't see
how perform this when the server is hanging on the boot itself.

Original request:
Hi Sunmanagers,

I have been trying to get my T5440 with OBP 3.42 (145678-01) with iSCSI boot
support to workThe closest I could get it "working" is:

1. Install Solaris 10 update 9 with latest 10_Recommended patches on two
T5440's - ServerA and ServerB 2. Create an iSCSI target on serverA 3. Run
"format" and access the target via initiator serverB 4. Create slice0 to match
slice2 on iscsi lun on serverB 5. Create a pool called ipool on server B's
iscsi lun 6. Live upgrade to server B's accessible lun: "lucreate -n ipoolABE
-p ipool"
7. init 0
8. boot net:iscsi.... (all appropriate parameters for initiator)

This results in the kernel loading but it hangs after the kernel is loaded.

Has anyone had a successful experience installing a global zone and then
accessing the installed image via the "boot net:iscsi" parameter using any
other method ?
I have googled like crazy but the information is no better than:

iSCSI Boot
The iSCSI Boot feature enables you to boot an operating system over the
network from a remote location, such as a storage disk array. iSCSI Boot is
typically loaded onto a diskless client, while the root device resides on an
iSCSI target that is attached to the network. Because iSCSI Boot uses a
standard Ethernet-based infrastructure, the data, storage, and networking
traffic can be consolidated on a standard network. Consolidating servers and
remotely booting them over a SAN can reduce equipment and management costs.
Also, diversifying data center locations can reduce data loss in the event of
a natural disaster.

Sugan Moodley
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