SUMMARY: downloading solaris patches - in only !!! (part 2)

From: Andrew Williamson - Fujitsu <>
Date: Thu Jan 27 2011 - 10:18:01 EST
And as an addendeum to that, if you hate the Flash version, try instead.

Thanks to Andrew for that one. The search for patches etc appears to be a bit
more useful in that it lets you include more fields and clauses in the

Brian chips in with the info that there's a _class_ in how best to use MOS.
Yep, a class. Who's up for some certification ? Unbelievable. We can make
websites our children can use, and this is the best Oracle could come up with.
A support website that you require to be TAUGHT how to use properly....

And as I was just about to send this, Sean provided more useful links:

For example, see my comments (and some similar ones from other people) at:

There are a few Oracle (ex-Sun?) people trying to provide assistance, in
particular Gerry Haskins' blog at:

Some other links that I've also found useful:

Oracle Technology Network Patching Center:

Sun system handbook:

Replacement for

OTN "garage blog":

Summary of Sun software product links:

Have a great rest-of-day guys, thanks for all the assistance/suggestions. Good
to know I'm not alone in this.. If a little depressing :p


From: Andrew Williamson - Fujitsu
Sent: 27 January 2011 14:37
To: Sunmanagers (
Subject: downloading solaris patches - in only !!!

Does anyone else remember the good-old-days, when you could just go to
sunsolve and find a patch cluster for Solaris?

This "My Oracle Support" is a total nightmare. Yes, I support some Oracle
systems and I've registered them. The world doesn't end there - but according
to MOS I should really only be interested in Oracle as a result. I can't find
any simple page where I can find anything to download for Solaris.

This new system is an absolute joke. Would anyone like to help me out here
with a simple procedure to navigate to find the latest recommended patch
cluster, or browse individual packages, that I can download?

I tried, which bounced me to I now
have a dashboard showing me my oracle databases, patches for E-business suite,
Peoplesoft, Oracle DB patchsets, patch recommendations (Oracle only), Upgrade
planner, patch search (for which I can find individual patches - if I know
them) and various other unhelpful things.

You'd think it would be easy, wouldn't you ? A whole website, written up in
flash. Newflash guys - it's AWFUL, it's SLOW, it's a resource hog and it just
plain stinks.


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