Summary: Which Cards In Which PCI Slots?

From: Jim Seymour <>
Date: Sat Jan 22 2011 - 11:05:33 EST
The original question:
> Hi There,
> We've got an E250, which has two PCI buses: A 66Mhz, 64-bit bus
> with one slot, and a 33Mhz, 64-bit bus with three slots.
> I have four cards I want to put in it:
>     LSI Logic LSI22320RB-F 2-Chan U320 UW-SCSI LVD, PCI-X 133Mhz,
>     64-bit
> 	Has a InforTrend EonStor RAID 5 box and a Tandberg Ultrium
> 	LTO4 tape drive on it.
>     Sun X6541A Dual-Differential U160 UW-SCSI HVD, 33Mhz, 32-bit
> 	Has a Quantum DLT 8000 tape drive on it
>     TSI Raptor GFX 8P 33Mhz, 32-bit
>     Sun X4150A-2 GigaSwift Ethernet UTP, 33/66MHz, 32-/64-bit
> So which card to put in the 66MHz slot?  My thinking would be
> the U320 UW-SCSI card, with the RAID array and LTO drive on it,
> as they'd be the most demanding.  But a colleague suggests that
> the Raptor graphics card, being only 32-bit, may adversely affect
> the entire 3-slot PCI bus.

In summary: All the respondents agreed with my thinking.  In addition:
One respondent stated he'd never heard of a 32-bit card slowing-down a
32-/64-bit bus.  Many suggested leaving out the graphics card entirely,
but a quirk of mine is liking to have a graphical console *on* the server,
so I'll leave it.

Thanks to Todd A. Cox, Chris Hoogendyk, Arnel Joseph John Stoffel
and William Fiore for their replies.


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