SUMMARY: Recommended and Security Patches

From: Rob McMahon <>
Date: Tue Dec 14 2010 - 11:47:38 EST
Apologies for the noise.  I finally found it.  From the patches & 
updates page, there is help in the Patch Search panel, under "Learn More".

"To search for Sun patchsets (formerly Sun patch clusters):

   1. In the Patch Search region, click the *Product or Family (Advanced
      Search)* link.
      The Advanced Search window appears.
   2. Set Product to *Solaris Operating System*.
   3. Set Release to *Solaris 10 Operating System*.
   4. Select Type from the third menu. **
   5. Set the type to *Patchset*, then click *Search*."

Right at the bottom of that page is the patchset.  It was all the talk 
of "Recommended Patches", and "Patch Recommendations" on the left that 
through me (along with a bit of frustration and desperation).  All of 
those links seem to be just Oracle.

Again sorry for the noise.


On 14/12/2010 16:20, Rob McMahon wrote:
> Can someone help me find the recommended and security patches for
> Solaris, now that everything has moved to the Oracle Knowledge Base.
> I've been round and round, fighting past occasional flash crashes
> (flash, on a patch access page ?), unable to find anything (we do have a
> support contract).  I will phone oracle when I can, but I have a really
> urgent need for this.

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