Summary: Lost my Windows

From: White, Bob <>
Date: Fri Dec 10 2010 - 08:39:53 EST
Jim Musso was able to point me in the right direction very quickly.  A check
of svcs -xv revealed a number of errors relating to the failure to mount an
external disk drive.  The drive had been giving me problems and the error
messages were filling up the log files, so I unthinkingly just turned it off.
Once I removed it from the vfstab file a reboot brought everything else back
up correctly.

Also - I apologize for not supplying all the proper information in the first
post.  I was interrupted mid-message and just hit send too quickly.

Solaris 10 x86 fully patched on a Sun Ultra 20.

Thanks everyone.

Original question follows:

I don't know if I did something, but after the last update of patches and a
reboot, the JDE login window no longer comes up.  How may I fix this?

Thanks in advance. 

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