Summary: Trouble with rsh

From: Andy Neirman <>
Date: Wed Dec 01 2010 - 12:31:22 EST
It seems that the /.rhosts file will ONLY see the IP or FQDN as evidenced in
last -a | more

This is what I did:
from nodeA I telnetted to nodeB (you can do ssh too) and logged in
at nodeB I did a last -a | more
and noted what nodeB thinks of nodeA(FQDN or IP or whatever)

*that* entry I added into the /.rhosts file on nodeB
then rsh worked fine

NOTE: I have found this to also be relevant while sharing files via NFS, the
options -o rw=FQDN/IP/Hostname or -o root=FQDN/IP/Hostname should be derived
by telnetting or sshing and doing a last -a to see what the host thinks you
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