SUMMARY: Network oddity in zones

From: joe fletcher <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 2010 - 09:34:58 EST
Fraid this is a bit of a non-summary. We haven't been able to identify the
cause however since we now have to proxy all our ftp traffic and the box will
talk to the proxy ok we're not going to look any further.


Here's the detail. HP DL380-G6 running Sol10_x64-u8 141445-09. Global zone
uses two NICs (bnx) with link-based IPMP. In normal working bnx0 does all the
work, bnx1 is just plugged into a switch, no IPs configured.

There are 4 child zones, all identical built using a cloned ZFS snapshot of
the original. Each zone's IP is an alias on top of bnx0.

3 out of 4 zones work fine. The problem zone does most things ok. However ftp
tries to use bnx1. No idea why.
We had another issue on this same chassis with another zone whereby Xwindows
traffic wouldn't display on a remote system. Never did identify why but it
have been the same issue. In the end I wiped that zone and rebuilt using the
original snapshot. All other network functions on the problem zone seem fine
(ssh, nfs, http, X).
I don't want to wipe this zone if I can avoid it as we now have a significant
amount of application dev data on there.

I can find no reference in the zone configs to suggest why the problem zone
should change its mind about which NIC to use. There is nothing in the system
logs on the global zone to indicate any issues on any of the network cards.
BNX drivers are latest and greatest. Box firmware is up to date.

Routing, DNS, subnetting etc are identical on all zones. Arp shows all
machines using the same MAC address indicating bnx0.

Any ideas anyone?

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