non[SUMMARY] Juniper SSL VPN client for Solaris

From: Jerry Kemp <>
Date: Wed Oct 13 2010 - 23:27:03 EDT
Original question posted at bottom.

It has been a couple weeks since I posted this note, and I just wanted 
to follow up with a summary of some sorts for the archives.

First, thank you to everyone who replied.  I had also cross posted this 
question on the Yahoo Solaris x86 list and the OpenSolaris desktop list 
for maximum results.

Now, I will get straight to the issue at hand.  This is a non-summary. 
Apparently no one has this working directly from Solaris or any of the 
OpenSolaris distro's.

The closest I had to a positive response was that one gentleman had 
created an ssh tunnel to his Juniper equipment, as I understand the 
response using "Java Secure Application Manager".  This was not an 
option for me, and the option for him was going away as his $WORK was 
moving to Cisco equipment.

I also had several replies to create my own personal VPN.  If I worked 
in a mom & pop organization that might fly.  I presently am employed by 
a large telco with an active security department.  I am certain that any 
home rolled VPN on my part would be a career limiting move.

Currently my "Plan B" is to run Mac OS X and/or a m$ product from 
VirtualBox.  It's kind of kludgy, but right now, it is either that or a 
drive into the office for remote/standby support.  Yes, I am running 
*Solaris on Apple hardware.

Again, thanks to everyone who replied.

I will post an updated summary if I figure something else out, or if I 
get new information.


On 09/28/10 22:49, Jerry wrote:
> At $WORK, remote access is provided by Juniper equipment via an SSL
> based VPN connection.  I have spent some time on Yahoo, Google and
> Juniper's web site.  If Solaris, or OpenSolaris is supported, I was
> unable to find direct evidence.
> Does anyone have a functional Solaris SSL VPN client that is being used
> to connect to a Juniper firewall?  Either from Juniper, or a 3rd party
> client?
> Failing the above question, it is my understanding that the Juniper SSL
> VPN client is java based.  Assuming this is true, has anyone grabbed the
> java pieces from either the linux or Mac OS X SSL VPN client, and
> modified the associated support/install scripts to work with Solaris?
> TIA for any replies, I will summarize.
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