SUMMARY: Cannot jumpstart T5440

From: <>
Date: Mon Sep 13 2010 - 20:56:27 EDT
thanks to all the myriad replies and assistance.

I should have mentioned right at the beginning, that we have a mature jumpstart/Jet/N1SPS boot environment!

So we took into account all of the following:

1) Correct boot image version
2) Correct NFS server permissions
3) Functional netboot environment (tested against 3 other systems)
4) Replaced suspect network cables and connections
5) Replaced suspect corrupted boot image
6) tested DVD boot (success)
7) checked that our other boot server was not listening - shutdown to get it out of the mix completely
8) case with Sun, who were just as perplexed and we ran lots of snoop traces etc....

We got to the point where I was able to netboot the system by specifying the IP of the 
boot server explicitly:

ok> boot net:ip.of.boot.server -v -s

which lead us to think there might be another boot server out there......

And sure enough, there was a rogue tftpd server on the net that we did not know about.
As soon as this was shutdown, the system started to boot correctly.

So, thanks to everyone who replied to me.  I have learnt something out of all this, 
so I guess that's something.....


Rachel Polanskis                 Kingswood, Greater Western Sydney, Australia      
    "The perversity of the Universe tends towards a maximum." - Finagle's Law
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