SUMMARY: I have a Solaris 10 DVD, but need to install on a machine that only has a CD-ROM

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Date: Thu Aug 26 2010 - 21:10:14 EDT
Hi, all.

Original problem is described below:


The suggestions ranged from:

1. Use JumpStart (from the JumpStart Enterprise Toolkit - JET - from Sun).

	Could not do. Looks like Oracle has removed this download from their site
after the Sun acquisition! Argh.

2. Use the network install procedures (similar to JumpStart in the JET above
really) as discussed in the Solaris install guides.

	I was working on doing this (got the Install Server going, etc.), and it
looked like it would work from what I could tell - but I found a simpler
solution (see below).

3. Create an ISO image from the DVD, transfer the file to the system, use
lofiadm to mount the ISO image from the DVD and go from there.

	Unfortunately, could not do that - the system could not boot from the primary
disk at all (would not bring up Solaris - even in Admin mode). I pretty much
needed to do a clean full install, since the was drive was so hosed.

4. Find a DVD-ROM drive.

	This turned out to be the simplest solution. While I was working on
suggestion 2 above (which I do believe would have worked), our IT guy found me
a DVD drive from a PC and I was able to put this into the system (temporarily)
in place of the CDROM and the install is running fine from it.

Thanks all for the responses!


P.S. A few people also said to avoid building a set of CD's ... too complex to
figure out how and when to break the files and directories to find them. I
have to agree - after I mounted the disk on a PC and looked at it, this
process would have been a bit tortuous.

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Subject: I have a Solaris 10 DVD, but need to install on a machine that only
has a CD-ROM

As the subject says, I have a DVD of the Solaris 10 install disk, but need to
do an installation on an old SunBlade system that, of all things, only has a
CDROM drive on it! (argh!)

I have access to other systems (a PC) with DVD/CD writers and could create a
set of CD's ... if I knew what to do exactly!

So, my question: is there a way to write a set of CD's from that DVD that
would be (a) bootable and (b) allow a Solaris 10 installation? How would I go
about doing this?

In theory, I could do a "boot net" from the okay prompt too, but I am not sure
what I need to set up on another Sun system on that network ... since I have
never installed Solaris from a network before.

(I looked at the Oracle/Sun site and did not see any CDROM ISO downloads, by
the way).

Thanks in advance!

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