SUMMARY:: LTO 4 tape drives

From: Grant Lowe <>
Date: Thu Jun 10 2010 - 17:10:35 EDT
Many thanks to all who sent me suggestions:
Todd Cox
Michael K. Buckingham
Mark E. Hargrave
Mats Oberg
Ana Estuardo
Michael Horton
Nate Gelbard
Stanley R. Horwitz
The suggestions included:
	* Running cfgadm. Well,
unfortunately I have a crippled cfgadm.
	* Reconfiguration reboot. Well I had
already done that that and it didnbt work (and it really hurt to reboot the
box since it had been up about 1200 days).

	* The suggestion that got me
going was that the st.conf file wasnbt correct. I searched the bNet and
found an HP page that had these entries:
tape-config-list =
"HP      Ultrium
4","HP Ultrium LTO
I still wasn't out of the woods
yet. After doing some more googling, I found how somebody ran strings against
the st file. Sure enough, the st file didn't include support for the latest
tape drives. Updating the driver was the clincher. I then reran devfsadm and
all my tape drives are there!

Original question:
I have a very frustrating
problem. I've got Solaris 8 on a V280
box that is a file server.
The box is
attached to a SAN. Other boxes on the SAN can see the
fiber-connected drives,
but this one for some reason can't. I've run devfsadm
and it didn't see the
drives. I tried installing the latest st driver from
SunSolve. I even tried a
reconfiguration reboot. None of these work; I only see
2 of 5 tape drives in
/dev/rmt. I've scoured the internet and SunSolve, but not having any luck.
Thoughts? I will summarize.
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