Summary: LDAP search for disabled users

From: Kamal Bhusal <>
Date: Thu Jun 10 2010 - 13:25:52 EDT
Many thanks to all who replied..
It resolved my problem with the following command.

Special thanks to Marty Meadows, David Magda, Andrew J. Caines.

$ldapsearch -h <YourLDAPhost-servername> -b "ou=people,dc=govt,dc=gov" -D
"uid=admin,ou=administrators,ou=topologymanagement,o=netscaperoot" -x
'(nsAccountLock=true)' uid

dn: uid=sjones,ou=People,dc=govt,dc=gov
uid: sjones

dn: uid=jsmith,ou=People,dc=govt,dc=gov
uid: jsmith

dn: uid=dmaxl,ou=People,dc=govt,dc=gov
uid: dmaxl
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