Summary for CPIO+FlarCreate Command

From: Blake, Roy L CTR US USA AMC <>
Date: Thu May 20 2010 - 10:47:05 EDT
A Huge Thank You goes out to Michael Buckingham for putting me on the
right track!

Modify the flarcreate script...


You will look for the lines that contain "$CPIO -oc0"   and then modify
those flags...

The script calls CPIO at various points while the script is being

It's about half way down...

Grep for $CPIO in /usr/sbin/flarcreate and you will see the lines I am
talking about...there is more than one line that needed changed...but
easy to do..find them, and change them to what you would like being
careful not to remove flags that might be needed.

Michael Buckingham

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Subject: CPIO+FlarCreate Command


Is there any way to force CPIO to use the -P argument when it is invoked
via the FLAR CREATE command?
I have approx. 6 files that have ACL settings that I wish to have
brought forward.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Roy :-)

Roy Blake
Solaris Systems Administrator
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