[SUMMARY] Reconfiguring iscsi initiator node name

From: Chris Hoogendyk <hoogendyk_at_bio.umass.edu>
Date: Tue May 18 2010 - 19:13:05 EDT
Thanks to Victor Engle and David Magda.

Victor's information worked:

>    Remove the files in /etc/iscsi and reboot is a quick way to zero
>    things out...or you could use iscsiadm to change the initiator node
>    name.
>    iscsiadm modify initiator-node -N iqn.1986-03.com.sun:01:hostname
>    Here's a link to my notes on iscsi...
>    http://www.vicengle.org/wiki/Vic/notes/iscsi
>    Regards,
>    Vic


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Erdvs 4

Chris Hoogendyk wrote:
> Slightly puzzling problem here.
> I have a T5220 running Solaris 10, which was originally cloned from 
> another identical T5220. Then it's identity and services were changed 
> and it has been evolving in its own direction for months.
> Now, I want to configure it to access a StorageTek 2510 that the first 
> box was configured to access and has been working with just fine for all 
> this time. The two T5220's connect by direct cable to the separate 
> controller ports of the 2510.
> The problem is that when I start looking at it in preparation to set it 
> up, I do
> # iscsiadm list initiator-node
> and I get exactly the same results as on the other T5220. It has exactly 
> the same initiator identification.
> How do I rip that out, re-initialize the whole iscsi configuration, and 
> get a clean slate to start setting it up with its own identification?
> At present, the interface for the connection to the 2510 is not 
> configured, so it is not connected and can't hurt anything on the 2510. 
> Once I figure out how to get the initiator identification changed, then 
> I will configure the interface. I don't want to confuse the 2510 and 
> cause trouble for the other T5220, which is in production.
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