SUMMARY: Progress ... old message was "I am unable to boot a Sun V280 server ..."

From: Syed Zaeem Hosain ( <(>
Date: Wed May 05 2010 - 01:11:42 EDT
Hi, all.

It turned out that the file /lib/ was corrupted (it had become zero
bytes) and this is too critical a library to be so wrong!

To fix this, I:
	- booted from an installation DVD in single-user mode
	- mounted the primary partition slice 0 (i.e., the root) under /mnt
	- copied this library file from the DVD /lib directory to the primary drive
/mnt/lib directory.

Then, to install the correct version of that file (since the installation disk
was not the running patched version and I did not want any library
dependencies to cause a problem), I:
	- halted the system
	- booted from the primary drive, in single-user mode
	- network copied the file from another system that was at the same patch
level, into /tmp.
	- halted the system and booted from the DVD again
	- mounted the / partition from the primary drive under /mnt
	- moved the file from /tmp to /lib

Then, a final halt and reboot and the system came back up as expected. Whew!

By the way, the failed attempt booting from a backup disk was because it did
not contain a valid installed OS. Only part of the files were there, along
with the zero byte lib/ file. The backup of the primary disk had
failed to run properly ... so many files o that backup drive were not

Moral: ALWAYS verify your backups periodically by doing a restore!


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Subject: Progress ... old message was "I am unable to boot a Sun V280 server

An update ... which might help people give me more information please!.

Based on a few received recommendations, I removed the RSC card and "moved"
the console boot to the Serial port A. No password required there!

For a while, I was not getting _anything_ from the serial port, so I suspected
a dead server. Called for Sun support ...

However, being the old school guy that I am, I stuck a Null-Modem on the end
of the serial cable and voila, the serial port started "working"!

Now, I am getting an error message - repeated ad nauseum - as follows:

	WARNING: init(1M) exited on fatal signal 9: restarting automatically.

Needless to say, this goes on without stopping and the system does not come

I tried replacing the main drive with an identically loaded OS disk (backup
drive) from another system and get the same error.

So, it is not the disk itself.

Any thoughts, folks?


P.S. Anyone know how to send a BREAK from hypertrm on a PC? We don't have any
"true" serial terminals here ... and I can't get to the ok> prompt without the
ability to send a BREAK!

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Subject: URGENT: I am unable to boot a Sun V280 server ...

... and no one has the password for the RSC console port to get to the ok
prompt to get to reboot.

1. A hard power-cycle does not start an automatic reboot.
2. I am assuming that the RSC port username is "admin" (could it be
3. The password is not anything that I can figure out (and a blank enter does
not work either).

Is there a way around this, please? Maybe some way to get to reboot
automatically without getting into the RSC?

Thanks in advance,

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