Summary: Service Processor Problem

From: Andreas Höschler <>
Date: Mon May 03 2010 - 07:32:56 EDT
Hi all,

special thanks to Rija who pointed out that is (of 
course) no valid netmask. It should have been 244 (typo). Problem 

Thanks a lot,


>> I am trying  to configure the Service Processor (NET MGT) of a X4140.
>> By default it's set to DHCP. Plugging the NET MGT into our LAN switch
>> causes an internal IP to be assigned by our DHCP server. I can connect
>> fine. I can also modify the configuration to static using the steps
>> outlined on
>> as long as I eep the netmask= and assign an internal
>> ipaddress. However, as soon as I try to configure a public IP-address
>> (to be able to connect via ssh or https from everywhere) with netmask
>> I get
>> 	unable to configure network
>> when doing "set commitpending=true". Is this intended behaviour? I saw
>> a lot of mentioning of this problem via google but no solution!?
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