SUMMARY: Moving a multipathed SAN Array.

From: Cody Herriges <>
Date: Fri Mar 26 2010 - 01:41:33 EDT
On Mar 25, 2010, at 5:55 PM, Cody Herriges wrote:

> I inherited a FLX240 disk array connected to a V490 running Solaris 10
Update 2 that is multipathed through two brocade switches.  Each LUN is split
up into two filesystems using SVM.  This server has gone un-patched for some
time now and it currently does not have a mirrored root filesystem so it is
just going to be easier/cleaner to reload the machine rather then patch.  In
order to reload I need to move the array to a different host but I am having
trouble determining the best way to go about it.
> The virtual device name that is generated for each LUN is going to be
different when I move the array.  Is there any predictable way to determine
what LUN will be given what device name?  I need the new device names in order
to re-assemble all the SVM partitions using the file.  These LUNs and
SVM partitions were not set up using disk sets so a simple import is not going
to be possible.
> Any suggestion on the best way to move these LUNs would be much
> Thanks,
> --Cody

I didn't realize that MXPIO names were based on the Volumed ID of the LUN that
is reported to the OS by the FLX240.  This was made obvious once I opened
SANtricity and looked at the LUN properties.  This is a no brainer now that
the names generated are predictable.  Thank you to Scott Lawson for tipping me
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