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From: Christopher Barnard <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 2010 - 22:43:09 EDT
I asked:

> I've just about finished setting up an anonymous sftp site.  The only issue
> still have is that the login to sftp is like scp or ssh -- it assumes the
> username of the issuer of the command unless you specify otherwise.  I'd
> to get the prompt more like telnet or ftp -- no matter what user you may be
> logged is locally, you are prompted for both a username and password when
> logging in.
> I have not seen any reference to being able to do this with sftp, but I
> have missed it.  Has anyone seen a way to get sftp (or ssh for that matter)
> not assume the username to be used?

The answer:

It cannot be done.  The user is defined by the client side before connecting
to any server.  Several people suggested UseLogin in the sshd_config file, but
that did nothing.  I've put the proper usage in the /etc/issue file so that
inbound connections will know that they need to specify

Thanks to:
Sebastian Muniz
Safdar Mirza (hi, Safdar!)
Michael Horton
Nick Hindley
Brian Dunbar
David Magda

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