Summary: nfs questions

From: Carl E. Ma <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 2010 - 22:35:41 EDT
Thanks for the response from Bismark Espinoza, Darren Dunham, Darren
There is no quicker way to dump quota information directly in order to find
out files owned by particular user.  ncheck and quota are the approach,
although it is time consuming if you have a big filesystem.
For nfs, showmount can map the shared directory to remote nfs client. With the
aid of find, I can find out how many filles were not accessed in the last one
year.  Therefore, I can do the cleanup work.
Darren Dunham also suggest using nfslog, which can outline nfs daemon
Thanks for all your help,

--- On Tue, 3/2/10, Carl E. Ma <> wrote:

From: Carl E. Ma <>
Subject: nfs questions
Received: Tuesday, March 2, 2010, 1:08 PM

Hello All,

I have one solaris 9 NFS server with multi Terabyte nfs sharing. The
filesystem is Veritas vxfs 4.1 with quota enabled.

I need to find out where are  the file/directory for particular user.
find or ncheck is not efficient on such big filesystem. It took a
hour to
finish one run.:-) My understanding of quota filesystem is it
maintains an
internal structure to track inode usage information for
every user. Is it
possible I can access that information directly? I
assume that could be very

Second question is whether it is possible to find out which nfs sharing is
being used by which client?

I have scratched my head for a hour. Could anyone share their thoughts? I
will summarize.

Thanks in advance,


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