SUMMARY, Answers found .. Help for "+lost system +control +key sunfire netra +v440 -PGP"

From: Batey, Everett II NAVSEA <>
Date: Fri Mar 12 2010 - 13:38:50 EST
SUMMARY,  ..  Help for "+lost system +control +key sunfire netra +v440 -PGP"
Looks like a lost key or keys may not be a big problem

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From: francisco 
Do you mean these keys:
I've a couple v440's, both use the same key.
You might also search google products for "v440 key", sort price lowest to 
highest, i think it's also p/n 240-4341 but doublecheck with a vendor:
Just noticed Sun has a 'buy' link there too, $30.

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I can probably dig up a key for you.

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If I remember there are two keys one larger one where the handle is triangle shaped and one smaller one.
The larger key controls system power up for the front panel I believe the smaller key controls disk access.
I have the larger key, and maybe the smaller one, it might be for an e240, that I kept as a memento that I could send you if you can't find a replacement.

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don't know about the V440, but with my E250's that is certainly the case. I have a store room with several surplussed E250's that I harvest for spare parts/bodies when emergencies come up. Many of them arrived without keys or drives. Any one key will fit any E250.

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I Google'd "sun v440 key" and found reference to part#
and further searches suggest that it may also be part#

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I've got a handful of V440's we're getting rid of. I think the netra version is about the same hardware wise as the standard model. As I recall the same key is used for everything. I probably have a few keys sitting around somewhere, assuming I can find them I could drop you one or two in the mail. I'm out of the office today but could look around on Monday and see about digging them up if you want. All of mine use the same key, ...


Thanks folks .. Again rescued by the net ..

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