SUMMARY: Zones and nsswitch.conf

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Date: Mon Feb 01 2010 - 11:17:41 EST
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Rob De Langhe
Jim Musso
Juraj Lutter

Yep I forgot the  "zlogin -C". However when I rebuilt the zone and used "zlogin -C" I wasn't prompted for the name service. Interesting thing about the rebuild: After answering the config questions (and still not prompted for name service) the nsswitch.conf file was for nswwitch.files. Weird. Copying the correct nswwitch file fixed the issue. 

Now on to more zones fun. Next, Veritas VxVM.


Original question:

> Created a zone on 10 05/09. All went well until I started adding users and 
> trying to change passwords. I got permission denied. Looking a bit further I 
> found that /etc/nsswitch.conf was set for NIS even though the global zone is set 
> for DNS. I've looked at the man pages and don't see anything about how 
>nsswitch.conf is set. We didn't see this behavior for zones under 10/08. Has 
> something changed or is NIS the default for new zones in 05/09. 
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