SUMMARY: Problems with A5100 - non Sun disks?

From: <>
Date: Thu Jan 07 2010 - 21:58:49 EST
First up, thankyou to:

Charles Rawls 
Sergey Prilutsky 
Michael Dean 
Peter Stokes 
Yother, Andy 
Morris, Matthew 
Michael Horton 
Sevan / Venture37 

Who all provided useful and informative replies.    I tried various methods of 
enabling the disk for formatting.   It would appear some of the methods do not work properly 
any more, due to patch/OS release revisions to the format command I guess.

So, I tried testing each method in turn and then came up with a combination of approaches.

In the end, I used "format -e" which after a reconfig reboot of the systems prompted me to 
convert the disk from the 520byte blocksize to the standard Solaris 512byte blocksize.

Using "scsinfo" as described in this archive here:

Was very helpful in analyzing the problem and explaining to the PHB's why it was taking so long to do.

The main issue is that we have a support vendor who looks after our old Sun gear that is no longer 
under a Sun maintenance contract.    They are supposed to send us the gear we need.   In this case, 
they sent me a disk formatted for an EMC CLARIION, not an A5100.   I would have sent it back to them and 
been an annoying customer, but the job was time critical and so I needed it right away.

Thankyou to everyone - I am now restoring the stripe from backup and should be back in business soon....


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