SUMMARY: Is there a way to have two IP addresses on the same physical Ethernet interface?

From: <>
Date: Tue Dec 29 2009 - 20:55:48 EST
Thanks to all who responded so quickly ... answer is to use virtual

Set up /etc/hostname.bge0:1 with the address and then do:

ifconfig bge0:1 plumb
ifconfig bge0:1 up

for a manual start without rebooting.

And it worked fine!

Thanks again!


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I have done reading on ifconfig and other commands, but do not seem to
determine if I can do the following.

1.       One of our Sun systems has an address (internal address, of
course) of on its bge0 ethernet interface.

2.       I need to have it respond exactly the same way (ideally, same
hostname too) with an address of on the same bge0 ethernet

3.       In other words, whether I do a "ping" or a "ping" or a "rsh <command>" or a "rsh <command>",
it all reaches the same physical Ethernet card on the same machine, etc.

Ideally, I would also like to have the following entries in the
/etc/hosts file (i.e., with the same actual host name for both
addresses):  mach  mach

Thoughts, folks? And I am in a bit of a rush to accomplish this in the
next few hours, if possible - always a rush <sigh>!


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