Summary: flarcreate of a VxFs with ssh/rsh to save to a remote host

From: sunhux G <>
Date: Tue Dec 08 2009 - 11:46:34 EST
Thanks for Mr Clark's reply which follows :

> First, I'm trying to create a flash archive but my current old local
> (which has
> every partition including the rootdg mirrored using Veritas Volume Mgr) is
> low on
> disk space.
> Q1:
> The following could not work : could it be flarcreate can't output to
> like tar :
> "nohup flarcreate -n localserver.fla -X /tmp/flarx.txt -m localserver_name
> -c - | rsh remote_server "cd /; cat - > localserver.flar" &"
> Any way to redirect flarcreate's output to a remote host's disk?
> (ssh or rsh would do;  I'll harden back the rsh once done)

The flarcreate(1M) manpage says,


        Path to tape device if the -t option  was  used.  Other-
        wise, the complete path name of a flash archive. By con-
        vention, a file containing a flash archive  has  a  file
        extension of .flar.

So it may very well not support writing to stdout. I don't know
why it would have that limitation.

One workaround would be to mount a NFS from a remote system, and
write the archive there. I would be very confident that that would

You may also be able to "trick" it into writing to a pipe by using
a named pipe,

 # mkfifo /tmp/pipe.flar
 # rsh remote_server "cd /; cat > localserver.flar" < /tmp/pipe.flar &
 # flarcreate <blah, blah> /tmp/pipe.flar

But I haven't tried that. The flarcreate(1M) command may actually
check that it's writing to a regular file and balk. If there is a
good reason it can't write to stdout, I wouldn't expect this to
work either.

> Q2:
> Would the resultant flarcreate of a Veritas Volume Manager be useable by
> Container software to read in and create a virtualized container?

I believe flarcreate(1M) operates above the file system level.
It doesn't understand or care about the underlying FS type.
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