SUMMARY: Creating newfs with Solaris Volume Manager

From: Dave Martini <>
Date: Fri Dec 04 2009 - 17:09:44 EST
Thanks to the many good explanations.
I am including the replies of several people below which explains it best.

You probably have heard back from many on this but you only
do the newfs on one side of the mirror. The other side syncs on 
attachment. The filesystem could have pre-existed on d30 and then have 
been brought into the mirror. At this point you only need to do it on 
d32 and that is the device you mount as the filesystem.

D. Crocker

You can run newfs before setting up the mirror,  on d30, or afterwards 
on d32, it doesn't matter an awful lot.  I'd normally do it prior to the 
metattach to save writing all that data onto d31 twice.

metainit d30 1 6 ...
metainit d31 1 6 ...
metainit d32 -m d30
newfs d32
metattach d32 d31

is the way I normally do it, but you can newfs d30 vefore the metainit 
d32 if you like.  I guess it saves some overhead.



You can newfs d32 now, and everything will be fine.

You could have also done a 'newfs' on d30 after 'metainit d32 -m d30',
and before the 'metattach d32 d31'; the metattach would have then
synced d31 to the just-created filesystem.



If you want to newfs prior to mirror creation, you can newfs the one
that the mirror is created from (d30 in your example).

Anything that is metattached to the mirror is overwritten with the data
that already exists on the mirror.  So you can do whatever you want to
d31 prior to the attach, but it'll be obliterated afterward.

Another way to think about this is that you have *one* filesystem here.
You don't need to run newfs twice.

 >> > >Any data on d31 has been overwritten by the data on d30 when you 
did the
 >> > >metattach, so newfsing it independently is irrelevant.

-- Darren

Below is my original question

I'm creating a new RAID 0 and 1 volume on new disks with Solaris Volume
 > Manager (Disksuite)
 > My question is when do I do the newfs?
 > I've done these steps
 > # metainit d30 1 6 c3t8d0s4 c3t9d0s4 c3t10d0s4 c3t11d0s4 c3t12d0s4 
 > d30: Concat/Stripe is setup
 > # metainit d31 1 6 c4t8d0s4 c4t9d0s4 c4t10d0s4 c4t11d0s4 c4t12d0s4 
 > d31: Concat/Stripe is setup
 > # metainit d32 -m d30
 > d32: Mirror is setup
 > # metattach d32 d31
 > d32: submirror d31 is attached
 > Should I have done a newfs on both d30 and d31 first before I attached
 > them to d32?
 > i.e.
 > # newfs /dev/md/rdsk/d30
 > # newfs /dev/md/rdsk/d31
 > Thanks.
 > Dave Martini
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