SUMMARY: synclist(4) and Zones

From: Crist Clark <>
Date: Thu Dec 03 2009 - 14:40:52 EST
One response on this. Non-global zones should be set up to do
their own synchronization. There does not appear to be much
more documentation. However, the /usr/lib/lu/lu_init_d script
has some helpful comments in addition to the synclist(4) man

On 11/30/2009 at 3:59 PM, "Crist Clark" <> wrote:
> I'm trying to figure out how to use synclist(4) to update
> application data when using Solaris Live Upgrade to do
> patches. Most of the documents I'm finding on the Sun sites
> don't mention synclist(4) at all, but I would think that
> it is a fairly critical tool in doing a successful LU.
> I cannot seem to find out how synclist(4) works with respect
> to non-global zones. Do you try to, or have the option to,
> synchronize all files from the global zone? Or can you/should
> you synchronize inside non-global zones. I've noticed that
> the non-global zones do have the /etc/lu/synclist file installed
> by default. That's the only hint I've found that you can do it
> from within the non-global zone.
> I've gotta be missing some documentation on this, right? Any
> pointers? Or just first hand experience with synclist(4)
> and non-global zones? Or just experience with synclist(4) for
> that matter. The documentation and examples on that seem to
> be oddly absent.
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