SUMMARY: new disk in SunBlade1000 does not boot.

From: Donald McLachlan <>
Date: Thu Dec 03 2009 - 09:38:51 EST
First, thanks to everyone for their input on this problem.

First suggestion I tried was:

- rm /etc/path_to_inst  /etc/path_to_inst.old
- shutdown and put new boot disk in lower fc-al bay.
- boot -ar

Again the system hung, but dropped into safe mode.  From here I was able 
to run format - which still saw my "new" boot disk as c1t2d0s*.  So I 
edited vstab to mount c1t2d0s* and did another boot -ar.  This time the 
system came up, but:

- at boot time reported something like, "cannot open crash dump file."
- after it was up, swap -l reported the following (I didn't like ?,? as 
the major/minor device numbers):

    swapfile             dev  swaplo blocks   free
    /dev/dsk/c1t2d0s1    ?,?      16 16781872 16781872

While running from the new boot disk, the final fix-up was achieved by:

- rm /etc/path_to_inst*
- rm /dev/dsk/c*
- rm /dev/rdsk/c*
- devfsadm -v

at this point, using ls /dev/dsk/c*, the only "disk" on c1 was t1, so I 
edited my vfstab file accordingly and rebooted.
During the reboot  /etc/path_to_inst was detected as missing and was 
My system is now up and running normally from the new disk.

Thanks All.

P.S.  I will download the  Solaris 10 ISO image from  and burn a DVD.

Donald McLachlan wrote:
> Forgive me managers for I have sinned.  I have not posted (or answered) 
> for over 10 years. ;-)
> I've occasionally been hearing what sounds like disk bearing whine so 
> decided to install a new (fibre-channel) boot disk. I successfully 
> partition'ed, newfs'ed, fsck'ed the disk.  First hiccup I hit was with 
> installboot.  My online manpage gives the following example:
>     installboot /usr/platform/`uname -i`/lib/fs/ufs/bootblk 
> /dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s0
> On this machine 'uname -i' reports
>     "SUNW,Sun-Blade-1000"
> But there is no bootblk in that sub-tree. 'uname -a` reports:
>     "SunOS janus 5.10 Generic_118833-36 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Blade-1000"
> There is a bootblk in the /usr/platform/sun4u sub-tree. (In fact "find / 
> -xdev -name bootblk -print" only finds a bootblk in the sun4u sub 
> tree.)  Thus I did:
>     installboot /dev/rdsk/c1t2d0s0 /usr/platform/sun4u/lib/fs/ufs/bootblk
> It did not report any errors.  Next I mounted my 
> to-be-new-root-partition on /mnt and successfully copied the root 
> filesystem with the following command:
>     ufsdump 0f - /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s0 | (cd /mnt; ufsrestore xf - )
> Next I edited the /mnt/etc/vfstab accordingly, shutdown the system, 
> removed the original boot disk, put the to-be-boot-disk in that slot, 
> and rebooted the machine. The reboot appeared normal, it initialised, it 
> reported the system hostname, it configured eri0 ... and then nothing 
> happened.  The system did not crash, it did not give a login page, it 
> just sat there and did nothing.  I'm able to re-install the original 
> boot disk and run, but I cannot get the system to boot from the new disk.
> I did find the following in another post, and wanted to make sure that 
> is in fact my problem before continuing (I'd have to boot from my 
> existing disk as I don't have a solaris10 boot cd).  Also, the 
> "/a/etc/path_to_inst" in the following commands looks suspicious to me - 
> that and my drvconfig manpage does not list a -p option ....
> NOTE: I don't have a Solaris10 boot cd and the last thing I want is a 
> system that cannot boot from either disk!
>        Summary : Cloning disks on Blade 1000 (FC-AL disks)
> 	Thanks James from SUN for the explanation of the problem.
> 	The workaround was booting from Solaris boot CD and performing the
> 	following:
> 	ok boot cdrom -sw
> 	   mount /dev/dsk/c0t3d0s0 /a
> 	   cd /a/dev/dsk
> 	   rm c*
> 	   cd /a/dev/rdsk
> 	   rm c*
> 	   cd /
> 	   drvconfig -r /a/devices -p /a/etc/path_to_inst
> 	   devlinks -r /a
> 	   disks -r /a
> 	   tapes -r /a
> 	   ports -r /a
> 	   audlinks -r /a
> 	   cd /
> 	   umount /a
> 	   reboot
> 	drvconfig etc is obsolete and replaced with devfsadmd but I did not bother
> 	to learn it since the above procedure worked.
> 	Marcelino
> I REPEAT: I don't have a Solaris10 boot cd and the last thing I want is 
> a system that cannot boot from either disk! :-)
> On a possibly related note, `eeprom` reports:
> boot-device=/pci@8,600000/SUNW,qlc@4/fp@0,0/disk@w21000004cf680853,0:a 
> disk net
> Thanks,
> Don
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