SUMMARY Undead lx zones vs audio devices

From: Jeff Woolsey <>
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 15:15:49 EST
Here's a summary of the responses I got:

Deafening, isn't it?

The micro recap is that my lx zone(s) entered the "down" state once I
changed the audio drivers in the global zone, and a "down" zone is stuck
there forever if something went wrong.

What I ended up doing was Live Upgrading to Solaris 10 Update 8.  (i.e.
work around the problem without actually fixing it.)  The global zone
had a zfs root, and luupgrade dealt with that and the new system also
got zfs root.  Do NOT run out of room in your root pool.

There need to be ways to blow stuff away unconditionally (like kill -9
usually does) and start over, such as those "down" zones, or a Boot
Environment that filled up or had trouble mounting the zfs datasets in
alternate places or whatever.  I had to edit files behind the scenes to
clear these up.

I'm going to stick with the stock audio for a while as I want to keep
working with the lx zone indefinitely.  Or at the very least take a
root-zfs snapshot before messing with it.

Jeff Woolsey {woolsey,jlw},
Nature abhors a straight antenna, a clean lens, and unused storage capacity.
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