SUMMARY: FAQ5.7: ufsdump specifics?

From: Hugh Sasse <>
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 10:21:43 EST
I received 2 replies to my enquiry (below) about correct options
to ufsdump when using DDS4 tapes.  They both amounted to: the
hardware nowadays will tell the system what it needs to know, so 
one doesn't need size options (etc).

Thank you.

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> Subject: FAQ5.7: ufsdump specifics?
> Apologies for the topic of this question.  I've tried to find the
> answer to this by web searches, and have read the FAQ. 5.7 is a good
> answer, but I could do with more specifics.  Is there an
> authoritative answer for DDS4 tapes as to the parameters one should
> use, please?  These are 120 feet, so I'm thinking
> ufsdump -0ufs /dev/nrst0 110 <disk_to_backup>
> would be about right, on the premise that the blocking is sorted out
> correctly anyway, it is isn't a QIC, so -c may not be appropriate or
> may be detected anyway, and 110 is "a bit" shorter than 120 feet, as
> per `man ufsdump`.  It is a SCSI drive, and the sytem is Suno5.9.
> Have I missed anything important, please?
> I've been landed with doing backups for this system which has not
> been supported locally, so can't get at the options used before, and
> primarily they want this sorted out soon, and I don't want to create
> dud backups.  "First, do no harm", etc.
> Will summarize to list, as per policy.  
>         Thank you,
>         Hugh
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