Summary: inetd errors

From: White, Bob <>
Date: Tue Oct 13 2009 - 16:08:46 EDT
Thanks to Sebastian Muniz for getting me on the right track here.

I did not track down precisely why the error was occurring, but did come
to realize that I shouldn't be running the bootps/udp service in the
first place.  It got started accidently.

Under previous iterations of Solaris such things were started at run
time when the inet process read the configuration file inetd.conf.
Under Solaris 10, all such things are handled by smf.  However, the
inetd.conf file is left.  If you need to add a service, you can put the
correct parameters into the conf file (just like previous versions) and
have them added to smf by executing inetconv.  I had done this, and
forgot to (or didn't realize I should) comment out all other lines.
Thus, bootps/udp got started.

I also finally tracked down my problem with the DigiTS unit.  I was
using smc to configure the serial ports.  It seems smc does not always
set the correct ownership rights on the ports when it configures them.
I went back to using Celeste's fine tutorial on configuring ports, and
got the rights set, and things are back to working.

Thanks again to Sebastian.

Original message follows.
 I'm trying to track down a problem I'm having with a Digi Terminal
Server on a Solaris 10 x86 box.  I had the unit working, then the
program I'm using just started reporting that it couldn't find the port.
Several conversations with Digi tech support resulted in me resetting
the Digi unit, and things started working again.  Then they stopped.
Resetting didn't clear the problem.  While looking around at logs I
found a number of errors in the /var/adm/messages file.  Googling around
found at least one other person who had this same error, but I couldn't
find any record of a solution or explanation.  Don't know if this is
related to my Digi problem, but thought I should try and clear it up.
Any ideas on what this is?

inetd[14348]: [ID 702911 daemon.error] Failed to exec inetd_start method
of instance svc:/network/bootps/udp:default: Invalid argument

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