SUMMARY: Dead Blade-1500

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Fri Sep 04 2009 - 10:43:30 EDT
I wrote:

 >My Blade-1500 (red) crashed this morning.  I was able to reboot it, and
 >got to a text login prompt, but it crashed again (while starting X) 
 >I could log in and look around.
 >Now it will not even boot at all, even from CD-ROM.  When it's powered on,
 >the power light comes on; in about 10-15 seconds, it beeps once, then
 >apparently re-sets; the power light blinks four times (no keyboard 
 >then comes on steady; after another 10-15 seconds, it repeats. Nothing
 >ever appears on the monitor.
 >Anyone have ideas where to look? Is this something for a Sun tech to
 >diagnose?  And, is it worth fixing?  (I don't have hardware support, so
 >it'd be T&M.)

Thanks to:

Suggestions included removing the disk drives and all adaptor cards, 
and, of course, connecting a serial terminal.  Did the former, with the 
very same results.  Cannot even get to the OBP.  Don't have access to a 
terminal, but since the system apparently re-sets within 10 seconds of 
being powered up, not sure what I might see if I did.

I'm assuming it's going to cost a couple of yards to get a Sun tech on 
site, plus parts.  Looking a used 1500's on eBay suggests these are not 
worth much more than this.

So, looks like new computer time.  thanks.
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