SUMMARY: Power-cycle from ILOM

From: Stephen Nelson-Smith <>
Date: Wed Aug 26 2009 - 16:11:31 EDT
Thanks to Chris Hoogendyk, who points out I can just do STOP /sys and
START /sys.

I also managed to work out that I could do it using ipmitool:

ipmitool -H -I lan -U root chassis power cycle

I gathered fault info by doing show faulty, and sending 'sdr' via impitool.

I don't understand this output:

Target              | Property               | Value
/SP/faultmgmt/0     | fru                    | /SYS/MB
/SP/faultmgmt/0/    | sunw-msg-id            | PCIEX-8000-0A
 faults/0           |                        |
/SP/faultmgmt/0/    | uuid                   | 76836ae8-7db4-cd30-ea65-d75faf0c
 faults/0           |                        | e0d5
/SP/faultmgmt/0/    | timestamp              | Aug 26 04:58:34
 faults/0           |                        |

Does this mean there is a fault?

I didn't see any errors on the ILOM sensor report.


Orignal problem:

I have a machine which appears to be down hard.  I can't see anything
on the ILOM console, and the ILOM reports:

fault_state = Faulted

Is there any way to get fault diagnostics before I do anything else?

How can I then powercycle the machine from the ilom?  I've had a look
through the ILOM 2.0 documentation, but I don't see how.

Can I toggle /SYS/power_state?  Or some such thing?

I tried sending a break with:

set /HOST send_break_action=break

But I didn't see a break - or an option to sync, or continue etc.

Any ideas?

Stephen Nelson-Smith
Technical Director
Atalanta Systems Ltd
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