SUMMARY: Spare T5220 network interface name question

From: Dave Markham <>
Date: Tue Jul 21 2009 - 09:40:02 EDT
Guys thanks for the quick response and very useful links.

Thanks to Handrik Visage, Tobias Nutt, Mike Weeks, Tomasz Ostrowski, 
fransisco roque (sorry if i've missed anyone.)

This was a concise reply :-


e1000g is just the driver name ( same as bge, nve are ). It does not
change no matter what link speed you operate the interface(s) at.

Here is the output of dladm from one of my T5220s

# dladm show-link
e1000g0         type: non-vlan  mtu: 1500       device: e1000g0
e1000g1         type: non-vlan  mtu: 1500       device: e1000g1
e1000g2         type: non-vlan  mtu: 1500       device: e1000g2
e1000g3         type: non-vlan  mtu: 1500       device: e1000g3

Here is the driver's man page: 

But this also is very useful :-

<> e1000g is the name of
the interface and the name depends on the driver, so it depends which
version solaris 10 you will be installing. (06/06 or 08/07) 
<> find your server and
find the Server Administration Guide document
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