Summary: unable to update OBP on Sun Blade 1000

From: Riccardo Veraldi <>
Date: Thu Jul 16 2009 - 11:08:34 EDT
I solved the problem:

10 the j2103 switch location was the problem.

in hte Sun Blade 1000 service manual hte Figure C-17 is WRONG and the 
j2103 switch is confused with j2104 switch.
Actually they are swapped compared to hte real board on hte Sun Blade 
1000. On hte main board switch j2103 is j2104
and vice-versa. I realized it looking at hte markings on hte 
motherboards and comparing them with the figure C-17 on the manual.

So I set the jumper j2104  to 2-3 (considering the manual labels) which 
is hte real j2103 jumper.
AFter that I Was able to update obp but not via OBP boot.
In got the error of the boot fiel being not executable (Even if it has 
execution bit set (755)).
So I updated OBP from inside solaris 10 and it worked perfectly.
Now finally I Can upgrade my CPUs to 900 MHz.

thank you to all for the support


Riccardo Veraldi wrote:
> Hello,
> I Attached my sun blade 1000 to serial cable, I also removed the graphic 
> card.
> I set jumper to  position 2-3 (write)
> I switch it on, I can't see anything on the serial console... also the 
> internal fans stays quiet.
> if I Reset the jumper to positino 1-2 (obp read only) I can boot from 
> serial console
> and hte serial consoel workd, but then I Cannot update the OBP.
> Help, what I Can do ?
> switching OBP to write mode make the system frezed. It does not starts up
> thanks
> Rick
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