SUMMARY: Recovering Root Password VxVM encapsulated and mirrored root disk

From: Max <>
Date: Tue Jun 16 2009 - 18:21:34 EDT
First of all many thanks to John Hallman and Darren Dunham for their answers.

In a nutshell they suggest physically offlining/unpluging one side of the mirror and proceeding as you would usually do in this situation. I followed their procedure and I'm back in business.
Below their answers:

Darren Dunham
The root filesystem is still a normal partition that you can mount via
CD.  I would mount one side, null the password.  Then I would try to
disable the other side (unplug, power-off, etc.) so that it boots only
with one side up.  Then put the disk back and reattach (or just reboot)
and let it sync up.  

If you have root access, you could detach one side beforehand, but
that's probably not possible.

This is basically the same thing as under SVM mirrors.


John Hallman
Most have been 10 years ago since I did this, I pulled the mirror disk out of the system
Booted off the cdrom 
Fsck root fileystem
Mounted the root filestems /tmp/a
Edited the password file /tmp/a/etc/passswd
Unmounted root (/tmp/a)
Rebooted - reset root
Plugged the mirror back in - re-attached / re-synced

Good luck

John Hallman

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>Hello Sunmanagers,
didn't seem to find this question already answered in the FAQs or by
searching the archives (at least I didn't find  the answer there).
know how to recover the root password when your root disk is neither
encapsulated and mirrored (the simple case) but how do you do it when
the root disk is >encapsulated and mirrored using Veritas Volume Manager?
>Many thanks for your help,
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