SUMMARY: SUN VTS - how long ?

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Date: Tue Jun 16 2009 - 11:16:39 EDT
Below are all answers. Thank you all :-)

MIchael Horton
we use it as a burn-in tool and run it for 24 hours.

a thorough test can take up to 8 hours.
it can run automatically and set the run of time to run.
we always run it multiple times.

normally, we start it at the end of the day and let it run overnight.
in the morning, we stop and check for error messages.
if there are error messages, we rerun the specific tests.

Kamal Bhusal
I don't know your case but we did run sun VTS tonight and next morning it
was ready.
Since yours  looks like production server, depends on server it might be
somewhere in betweek 2-4  hours I believe.

francisco roque
It depends on what tests you run.  On my systems, the disk tests take the
longest, the memory test is very quick.  If you have large slow disks and
run the disk test, my figures may be off by a large factor.  What types of
systems are you running on, and what test do you plan on running?

Recent versions of VTS default to running for 4 hours, which is enough to
cover a few passes of everything on newer hardware (T5220).  Older
versions defaulted to running 3 passes, which took about 4-6 hours as
well, again depending on the system.

Foster, David
Ideally one would test a production server with VTS before the server goes into production. How long is a judgement call really, but typically at least 4-6 hours.

One word of caution, disable tests of network interfaces and disks, otherwise you will absolutely hammer your network and any SAN or disk array storage you have presented to the server.

Original question below

we are going to test production server using SUN VTS (Validation Test Suite). It requires
maintenance window so we have to tell the business how long they can't work.
What time do we need to run this test ? I know that it depends on
server but ... I need approximate time.
Can you share your experience ?

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