SUMMARY: non-existent disk erroring

From: Christopher Barnard <>
Date: Mon Jun 08 2009 - 22:33:52 EDT
I asked

> I moved the filesystems off and shut down an external drive on an old
> Solaris 8 server a few days ago.  Unfortunately in /var/tmp/messages
> is the constantly repeating error
> WARNIING: /pci@1f.4000/scsd@3,1/sd@3,0 (sd18)
> this is the drive that I removed.  I did the devfsadm/disks/devlinks
> incantations but it is still erroring.  These warnings are getting
> awfully annoying.  The next reboot window on this system is at the end
> of the month.  Can anyone think of a way to clear this warning without
> rebooting?
> This was the only device on that scsi chain, btw.

I could have sworn that devfsadm did the cfgadm -c unconfigure if  
needed, but apparently not.  I did it manually and the disk went away.

Thanks to  Scott.Lawson and Stefan_Varga.

Christopher L. Barnard
Comment your code as if the person who will be maintaining it is a  
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