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From: J. Landamore <jal_at_mcs.le.ac.uk>
Date: Wed Jun 03 2009 - 07:07:55 EDT
Thanks to those who replied.

There were several suggestions to use Bonnie++, which I had already done,
and also IOzone, which I haven't.

A couple of people suggested trying to compile FileBench with gcc which I
had already tried and failed with.

Another couple of people mentioned that a package distro of an earlier
version was available.

One person mentioned vdbench which I haven't looked at.

I eventually succeeded in compiling FileBench with the Studio12 compiler
when I followed the install instructions to the letter rather than trying
to be smart.  My experience is that FileBench is more comprehensive than
Bonnie++ and has given me some useful tuning measures.

Again, thanks to those who replied.


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I'm trying to find a free benchmark suite for filesystems (inc NFS)  The
OpenSolaris Filebench looks ideal but I cannot get it to compile under
solaris10 even using studio12.  Has anyone on the list succeeded (or got
any other recommendations)?

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