SUMMARY: Sun Fire v440 hardware problem (can't get ok>)

From: Ivan Petrov <>
Date: Wed Jun 03 2009 - 02:09:57 EDT
-YOu can try a "Stop-N" to restore factory NVRAM defaults. Otherwise try minimising the diags and booting a FW update -image. 
I tried it but nothing happend, there is a password on admin in ALOM. I tried to move battery from MB and from ALOM card( without power cable of course) and left if on 6 hourse with the same result.There is still password on admin(I try serial nuber of card first 8 digit and the last and wtihout password too)
Al I can do is push Esc and see
 "ALOM <ESC> Menu

f - Wait for flash download from host.
C - Copy Boot Monitor from FLASHBOAT.
j - Jump to main code (at 0x01010000).
m - Run POST Menu.
    (Do not try this after a flash update of the boot monitor!)
d - play DOOM
s - Set clock speed
e - Set external and internal console serial ports baud rate
i - Set internal control serial port baud rate
t - Toggle 'OK' flag
R - Reset SC
b,h,w - Read byte/halfword/word
B,H,W - Write byte/halfword/word
r - Return to bootmon
Your selection: r

   Status = 00007fff"
I tried all letters and the password still exist for ALOM console

-My answer would be: Replace the battery and find correct SCC card for the
-System refuses to power on if SCC card is not valid or is missing.
-Jussi Sallinen
I realised that I haven't SCC at all. It is no in SCC reader. Can I start the server and install Solaris without System config card?

-Looks like RSC card ( which has the battery to get the console even if the power is not given to the system) has gone -bad, see if you can bet is replaced.
-"Bhaskar G"
I have access to console but have no password for them and I still can't reset this pass.

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