SUMMARY (Partial): Distributed ZFS pools

From: joe fletcher <>
Date: Tue Jun 02 2009 - 07:55:42 EDT

Thanks to all who replied. While I don't have anything actually up and running
yet I do have some approaches to try. One is to use the iSCSI tools and the
other, and probably most promising, is AVS
( -thanks to Michael Green for
point this out to me.

Things like rsync have been suggested but the data of interest is a form of
dynamic database and so doesn't lend itself to point-in-time copies or

And yes I was dreaming about distibuted ZFS pools.




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Subject: Update: Distributed ZFS pools


To clarify (good questions from Francisco- thanks) what I'm trying to do is
have two machines mirror each other across datacentres. The plan was to have
two machines, create a mirror pool using disks from both systems then serve
the resulting filesystems out to a number of clients. In effect it would be a
way to do what EMC SRDF does but without spending the entire corporate coffee
and biscuits budget all at once.

If I could just have one side write active at any one time that would be
sufficient I think. I'm in the process of trying to get iSCSI to work on a
test system but at this stage I'm not sure how or if it will hang together.

For example, if I forget ZFS, create two targets, one on either machine and
use them to create a mirror (would SVM work on this?) then share this out I'd
haev roughly what I need. If we lost one side then that presumably would
equate to splitting a mirror but we could carry on working.

Does this make the goal any clearer?



I may have been dreaming but I have a dim recollection of ZFS being able to
distribute pools across servers.
I've just been going through the docs but this only seems to confirm I'm
and confused.

I thought you could specify host:drive combinations when defining a pool such
that you could effectively mirror a pool across two distinct servers.

If this isn't possible directly does anyone think it can be done by defining
iSCSI targets and creating pools across those?


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