Summary: Printing under Solaris

From: Andreas Höschler <>
Date: Sat May 16 2009 - 09:42:23 EDT
Dear managers,

thanks for your responses:

> we have setup a new system with Solaris 10 u7. I am now trying to setup
> printing. I did that as follows:
> 	cd /usr/src
> 	bunzip2 cups-1.3.9-source.tar.bz2
> 	tar xvf cups-1.3.9-source.tar
> 	cd cups-1.3.9
> 	./configure
> 	make
> 	make install
> 	pico /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
> 	/etc/init.d/cups start
> After setting up some printers on http://localhost:631 I am able to
> print to these print queues from the command line with "lp -d ...". So
> far so good!
> lpstat -v
> device for hp4mp: socket://
> device for Xerox: socket://xerox

Our cups seems to work fine. In the meanwhile I realized that Adobe 
finally release acrobat for Solaris x86. After installing that and 
making sure cups has access to the PPDs of our printers I could select 
all the options of the PPD file (paper try, duplex,...) in the acrobat 
reader print panel! This is real progress!! Thanks to Adobe for finally 
providing acrobat for Sol x86. :-)

However, acrobat is a monster (take some time to load), so I would love 
to additionally have a light weight pdf viewer with print capability. 
So I am back at evince which still gives me the following problems:

> But I also need to be able to print from an editor and a pdf viewer. My
> current choices are gedit and evince.
> gedit:
> ======
> When I open the print panel I get as the only selections "Generic
> Postscript" and "Create PDF document". Shouldn't I be able to select
> one on the above printers here and and select options specified in the
> PPD files (tray,...)? Location only offers File, lpr and Custom. This
> does not realy help.
> evince:
> =======
> I installed evince from blastwave and am using that for the first time.
> Looks like a promising pdf viewer. However, the only option in the
> print dialog is "Print to file". Where are my cups printers?
> printmgr:
> ========
> I googled and found a note about printmgr. When I start this tool I get
> a panel telling me
> 	Cannot get list of printers. Exiting.
> What am I doing wrong? All I need is a reasonable pdf viewer with print
> capabilities that honors my cups settings and or at least honors PPD
> files even if they have to be specified and configured by any other
> means. Any ideas?

Acrobat already makes me a happy camper. But if anybody had a clue what 
might stop evince and all GNOME related print stuff to work on my 
machine,  I would be very glad to hear about it. Thanks a lot!


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